Frank X. Konigseder (1908-1968), founder of F.K. Foundries

Frank L. Konigseder, son of Frank X.

The F.K. Foundries Story

F.K. Foundries, originally named F.K. Pattern Works, was established in 1937 by Frank X. Konigseder, a German immigrant. During this time, wood and metal patterns were produced for manufacturers and foundries in the Chicago-land area.

The company was incorporated in 1940, supplying patterns and sand castings to Johnson Outboard Motors, American Can Company, Abbott Labs, Allis-Chalmers, Buta Company and Weil McLein to name a few.

In 1950, Frank X.'s son, Frank L. Konigseder, joined the team as a pattern maker and foundry man. There were numerous expansions to the company during these years in order to accomodate the growing demand from customers.

Upon Frank X.'s passing in 1968, the operations of the company were completely handed over to Frank L. During this time, the foundry expanded into permanent mold castings and had several government contracts during the Vietnam War.

In the late 60's, early 70's, the foundry converted to a full machine shop to supply ready to assemble castings for Greyhound Bus Company, Liquid Controls, Lift Parts Manufacturing, and Burgis Vibocrafters.

During the mid 80's, after they graduated from college, the Konigseder's two sons, Frank X. II and Kurt, joined the company.

In 1990, the foundry acquired custom casting machines to accept mold sizes of 42 x 72 and castings up to 175 pounds.

In 2007, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of F.K. Foundries, a historically family owned and operated corporation. Today we ship over a quarter million pounds of aluminum castings per month and manufacture sand castings, permanent mold castings, and secondary operations.